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    Simon's GM Application


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    Simon's GM Application

    Post  Simon on Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:34 pm

    Name :Simon
    Age : 13
    TimeZone : GMT -4:00
    Gender : Male
    In Game Name : Simon
    Something about you : I play lots of maplestory.
    Msn/email/anything that can contact each other : simon250@hotmail(.com ),Simon Seo on facebook
    How often your online : at least 5 hours a week
    What will you help as a gm for this server : I can host events and stuff
    What will you do if there's a hacker : BANHAMMER
    How long have you been experiencing as a Game Master : N/A
    How long have you been playing ChickenMS : Since it was v62
    What will you do if you didnt get chosen as a gm : Still play?

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