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    Post  Shadow on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:21 pm

    Name : Joseph

    Age : 18

    TimeZone : Central Time Zone (GMT - 5:00)

    Gender : Male

    In Game Name : Shadow

    Something about you : Im a huge gamer LOL
    Msn/email/anything that can contact each other : MSN jshadow0493@hotmail com Yahoo josephsherman0493 Feel free to add me or just send me an email dosent matter to me
    How often your online :Whenever i want ive played at least 5~8 hours today went from 15 rb's to 103 rb's

    What will you help as a gm for this server : Help protect from hackers etc help advertise to get more players

    What will you do if there's a hacker : Simeple Record it Video/Pic and ban if they can prove me wrong with a full side evidence they were not doing anything wrong ill be happy to unban them but not untill they can prove it

    How long have you been experiencing as a Game Master : In MS Once for like a week this was many years ago at least 6

    How long have you been playing ChickenMS : a few days

    What will you do if you didnt get chosen as a gm : nothing if i dont get picked i dont get picked its not a big deal ill still play i like it here

    Any Experience of a GM?(proof) dont need to if you never been a gm.
    Only been it once for a week long time ago but im sure i can learn the codes and stuff all over again quickly

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