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    Post  timelessaion on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:40 am

    Name: Daniel Tan Jia Wei

    IGN: TimelessAion

    TimeZone:GMT +8:00


    Something about you:I like playing basketball.
    I cant really study well. I like playing MapleStory private servers.
    Played many servers but most closed down other than Zakurams but it is now a
    failed server as everyone there was permitted to hack.

    Ways to contact me: facebook name: daniel tan jia wei
    (my picture is a rose)

    How often I can be online: Weekdays: 3hrs plus but currently got exams so lesser. About 2 hours or so
    Weekends: play till I 5-7 hours
    What will you help as a gm for this server :
    I will guide newer players on the commands.
    I will ban hackers.
    I will host events and recomend friends to join.
    I will not abuse GM position.
    I will try and make the server a active one with
    many people playing it.
    I have friends from other servers willing to join this server.

    I know many events:
    Trivial elemination
    Hide and seek
    musical platform
    checkmate event
    jumping quest
    And many more...

    What will you do if there's a hacker:
    I will take a screen shot, discuss with some other GMs
    before banning. And also post it in the forum.

    How long have you been playing ChickenMS:
    Although I have just started playing chickenMS I have lots
    of experience in other Servers. Lots and lots...

    What will you do if you didnt get chosen as a gm:
    I will continue to play the server but feel kinda disappointed.

    Any experience of a GM?
    Nope. But I am a long time player of Private servers.

    Introduced by Vaein.

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